As a heavy equipment operator, the maintenance of your equipment directly affects your ability to work and make money. While no one is expecting you to become a mechanic, there are some things you can do day to day to help maintain your machine and keep it running smoothly.

When an operator is trained on a specific piece of equipment and follows the instructions based on manufacturer recommendations, they put themselves at an advantage of not causing undue wear and tear. An operator without proper knowledge and training can push a machine beyond its capabilities, or even use it for something other than its intended purpose, causing damage and downtime.

Wear and tear happen, especially on heavy equipment. One way to help minimize that damage is by checking all fluids in your machine. Follow exact manufacturer specifications for all fluids and be sure to not go over, or under.

Damage can be easily hidden by a dirty machine which makes regular cleaning an essential part of your maintenance routine. Remember as well that dirt and debris can cause blockages in different moving parts of your machine, so regular cleaning can help lengthen the life of your machine.

Regular professional maintenance is another great way to ensure the life of your machine. Bringing the machine to, or having a licensed heavy equipment mechanic come to you to inspect the moving parts of your machine can ensure you have less downtime so you can keep making money.

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