With winter here to stay for a few months, it’s time to make sure that your equipment is able to survive to see springtime. The cold temperatures mixed with the ice and snow can add stress to your rigs, which if not prepared for can lead to unwanted downtime, and lost productivity. Check out our tips below to make sure your winter work gets done!

The hydraulic and engine oils that you used during the warmer months may not be formulated for the cold of winter, especially here in The Maritimes. Switch to something designed for colder weather.

Dirt and debris on your machine cause issues in freezing temps. Salt and dirt can wear down the exterior of your rig and cause trouble with your tracks, so be sure to take care of it before it freezes, leaving you immobile.

Hoses, tires, drive belts, and electrical wiring are obviously very important to the functionality of your machine. Colder weather can cause cracks and tears, so be sure to keep an eye on them, and keep spare seals, rubber mounts, hoses, and fittings in your rig just in case.

Coolant is extremely important in the winter. Using the appropriate coolant and concentration for colder weather can help protect your engine from freezing, scale, and corrosion.

If you haven’t yet, test your battery and ensure that it’s running at peak performance. Fully charge it, and make sure that it’s clean, and if it needs to be replaced, do not put it off.

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