Keeping the undercarriage of your machine in top shape is important to its performance and lifespan. Maximizing power, stability, and safety, while minimizing downtime for repair are the benefits of maintaining your machines undercarriage.

A keen eye on the undercarriage of your machine daily gives you the opportunity to spot problems before they arise. Pay attention to damage, or uneven wear. Clean out any dirt or debris to avoid trouble, and watch for missing parts. Damage, wear, and dirt can all indicate or lead to bigger problems down the road.

The tension of your tracks will also dictate the length of life of your vehicle. If the tracks are too tight, you lose power and fuel efficiency, but if they’re too loose, you lose stability and may cause track derailing. Adjust the track tension to manufacturer recommended measurements for every piece of equipment.

If you’re working in conditions that cause build up on the undercarriage, or track of your machine, pay careful attention to cleaning at the end of every day. Mud, snow, dirt, and debris can all cake onto the tracks, and will affect the functionality of your rig.

There are few things worse for your rig’s undercarriage than misaligned tracks. By making sure that your tracks are aligned, you can help avoid trouble with your vehicles’ track links, track and carrier roller flanges, idler flanges, sprockets, and rock guards.

At the end of the day, your main goal is to ensure that your vehicle spends as much time working as possible. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance, and pay close attention to how your vehicle acts. By performing regular maintenance, and daily spot checks, you can keep the undercarriage of your rig, and therefore the rig itself, on the job.

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