Safety on the job site is always important, and this is doubly true when you’re working in an active parking lot. With the danger of a worksite, added to the potential danger of moving vehicles and you have all the more reason to be extra careful. Here are our tips and tricks for working safely in an active parking lot.

The easiest thing, which seems a bit common sense, is to stay attentive. Being distracted can cause a world of trouble, especially in an active parking lot. Watching for people and vehicles, as well as keeping an eye on the workers and equipment

When you step onto a construction site, Personal protective equipment, or PPE becomes super important. Safety vests, as well as eye protection and hard hats are required on construction sites, and become that much more important when you’re on a site where citizens are still using the space.

In an active parking lot, space to actually work comes at a premium. Knowing where to safely use equipment and tools becomes very important to keep yourself, and others safe. Following all signage in the parking lot, and being aware of and not blocking fire lanes and handicap parking spaces are important as well.

With more people accessing the worksite, and with many of them not used to being in construction sites, keeping your jobsite clean and free of debris becomes an issue of safety. Keeping tools where they belong, and throwing debris and leftover materials away immediately helps with that safety. If you notice any unsafe conditions, report them to your supervisor immediately.

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