Wintertime for heavy equipment operators almost always equates to snow removal. What are the best pieces of equipment to help get that work done? Here are some great choices.

Salt Spreader – Skid steer salt spreaders have several benefits, aside from their main use. By using a box-style spreader, you can actually it as storage. With some box-style spreaders holding up to 500 kgs of salt, you can avoid the need for unsightly salt piles and tarps on your worksite, or at commercial locations.

Snow Blade – Snowblades, available for both skid steer, and pickup trucks, give you the flexibility to clear out parking lots and driveways by pushing snow off to the side. Available with multi-degree tilt, and in both mechanical and hydraulic options, this is a versatile tool for when winter hits.

Snow Pusher – When the amount of snow is large and pushing it to the side isn’t an option, snow pushers come into play. Allowing your wheel loader to push snow into a large pile for transport, some even attach to your current bucket, making installation easier!

Snow Sweeper – For parking lot maintenance after a light snow, or drifting, a snow sweeper brush gets light snow out of the way easily. With some models offering angled positions, as well as hydraulic options, these can also be used year-round for parking lot maintenance during the summertime.

Snow Blower – To clear parking lots, sidewalks, and walkways easily, a snowblower attached to a tractor or skid steer, can be a huge advantage. With machines available for most types, styles, and ages of skid steers, some can throw snow as far as 45 feet!

Do you have questions about heavy equipment? Reach out! We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have questions about heavy machinery maintenance and operation? Let us know. We’d love to help!