What do you get for someone who drives heavy equipment for a living? They’re living their best life playing with giant Tonka Trucks, which may make you think “I don’t know what to get this person?” We’ve put some thought into it and here’s what WE suggest getting the heavy equipment operator in your life. 

Heavy-Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Being safe on the go is super important for a heavy equipment operator. A tire pressure gauge will help them make sure that their tires are prepared to handle the workload expected! 

Noise Reducing Headphones

The noise of a construction site can be overwhelming. With a set of noise reducing headphones, your operator can protect their ears, while entertaining themselves with podcasts and music throughout their day! 

Phone Chargers

Your operator is going to have their phone on you all day, and if it’s playing music and podcasts for them, the battery is going to run down. A good charging cable and either some portable batteries or a lighter charger will help your operator make it through the day fully charged. 

Travel Mug

Coffee is an important part of most operator’s life, and keeping that coffee warm and drinkable is important. A nice, heavy duty travel mug is a welcome addition to any tractor cab. 

Work Boots

Driving can take a toll on a driver’s feet. A great pair of work boots can help your operator stay comfortable, and also help them when they move from the cab to outdoors by providing a solid foundation. 

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