Heavy equipment for as strong and tough it can be, can also be quite finicky if you’re not careful. There are a few bad habits that can be picked up along the way that should be avoided. Check out a few common mistakes new operators should avoid here in our blog.

Not Letting Your Machine Idle

Shutting down your machine immediately upon stopping can damage your vehicle. It’s always recommended to let the engine idle for a few minutes before shutting down.

Switching Between Forward and Reverse Without Stopping

This can ruin your transmission. Given that replacing a transmission in heavy equipment can cost a LOT of money, you want to make sure that you come to a full stop before switching gears.

Using the Wrong Excavator Work Mode

There are operators who believe that keeping an excavator on its highest work setting makes things easier. These operators are not recognizing that by doing so, the machine is working harder than it needs to, which can cause more wear and tear, meaning your machine could break down long before it should. Ensure you use the right work mode for the job.

Skipping Maintenance Checks

Your equipment is going to go through a lot. Ensuring that it’s maintained is going to help you stay on the job. Skipping maintenance can cause huge troubles down the road.

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