Living in a connected world presents a lot of challenges and advantages to everyone. As heavy equipment operators or recent graduates of an ECR Heavy Equipment Training program, you might find yourself wondering how to leverage those advantages.

In the same way that businesses leverage social media to find workers, you can do the same to find work. Construction companies are learning where to find prospective employees; it’s not enough now to post on the government of Canada job board or host the occasional job fair at a high school. People are engaging on social media, and construction companies are recognizing that and meeting people there.

Construction companies present themselves online professionally. High-quality photos and well-written captions help to give the representation of a well-run company. When they hire, they will want someone who can help fit that image, so be sure to put your best foot forward. If you’re requesting information from a company using social media, ensure that you have a professional-looking profile picture, your screen name matches your real name, and that your posts are either representative of the company’s values, or hidden so they can’t be seen by the prospective employers.

Companies will have a process in place for the hiring process starting on social media. Most will be focusing on Facebook and LinkedIn, so try your best to meet them there. While you may see Tweets, and Instagram posts, there may not be someone on the other end to help with employment questions. Focus on Facebook, and LinkedIn for any inquiries you may have or are ready to make.

Do you have questions about how to present yourself online for potential employers? Reach out! We’d love to help!