There’s something to be said about finding the job of your dreams, and that is YOU have to FIND it. Rarely does a dream job come to you. You need to look for the jobs, and then find a way to apply and make you and your experiences desirable. So how do you do that? 

Recruiters for operator jobs are not looking for out of the box thinkers who have fancy resumes. They want to know if you’re qualified and if you have experience. A professional profile introduction will allow you to let recruiters know

  • How much experience you have

  • Your specialty or area of expertise

  • Any industry-relevant skills

  • Any achievements or accomplishments

By giving potential employers this information immediately, you set yourself apart from other applicants. 

Focus on your hard and soft skills. While it’s great that you know how to operate the machinery, employers also like to know if you’re good with a team, or good at problem-solving. 

Reinforce your experience by reminding the recruiter of your skills. Provide as much evidence as possible, including proof of being a reliable and safety-conscious employee. 

Do you have questions about what type of skills potential employers are looking for? Reach out and ask! We’d love to help!

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