Heavy machinery is tough, strong, and durable; but one of the things that keep big equipment running smoothly is operators who take the time for maintenance. With winter right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about getting your machine ready for the cold weather.

Wintertime and cold weather operation has a tendency to accentuate any fuel quality issues, like moisture or contaminants in the fuel. If you haven’t already, consider moving up to a higher quality fuel to make sure you get through winter unscathed.

Engine oil is a huge part of making your engine run smoothly. Make sure that you’re following manufacturer guidelines for oil and lubricant changes.

Inspect any air filters in your machine. Replace anything that needs to be, and ensure that you’re using the correct replacement filter. Contaminated air can cause premature engine failure.

Take time now to test your battery and make sure it’s able to hold a charge. Better to rest and replace it now than in weather 30 below zero when you can’t get your machine to start. If you’re setting the machine down for the winter and storing it outdoors, remove the battery and store it inside, connected to a battery maintainer.

Be sure to inspect your undercarriage for dirt, mud, snow, or any other debris. Keep an eye for loose or worn parts as well. The underneath of your machine is a bulk of your maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle so be sure to take care of it.

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