Wintertime presents a new set of challenges for heavy equipment operators. Snow, ice, and wind all make our jobs that much more difficult. What can you do to stay safe? We’ve gathered up some great tips to help keep you safe on the job site this winter. 

Expect Poor Traction: Things are easier to handle and work with if you expect them. Winter weather makes for poor traction, so prepare for that, and drive with it in mind. That means adjust your speed for your conditions and make sure your routes are clear. Speaking of clear, ice and condensation and lower visibility in your vehicle, so make sure your windows are clean! 

Winter is cold. While it may be warm in your cab, it’s still cold outside. Dress for the weather and make sure you’re prepared to step out into the cold months from inside your climate-controlled vehicle. 

Just like in the summer, maintenance checks are important. Tires, wiper fluid, and oil all need to be checked on a regular basis. The only thing worse than breaking down is breaking down in -25 below. 

Get Warmed Up. After a cold night, your vehicle needs time to warm up. Hoses, wires, and hydraulics can all become stressed or brittle due to the cold. Start your equipment and let it warm up to avoid trouble. 

Rest: The cold will sap your energy. Take breaks as often as you can to make sure you aren’t overexerting yourself. A tired operator is a dangerous operator.

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